DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Uniqueness, Wholeness & Equity This line of research is evolving into 2 types of activities: 1. Creation of a research group to stimulate conversations and […]



This project of teal has been created together with Zordan, a shop-fitting and custom interior design company. For 50 years Zordan has been realizing the […]


Biographical Presencing

In this strand of action-research, Peoplerise is seeking to facilitate the presencing phase (Theory U) through a deeply biographical approach, whereby exploring the biographical sequence […]


Agile Organisation and Leadership in the Banking Industry

We implemented this development program with a focus on “organization and agile leadership”, now in its third year, with an Italian company of circa 2800 […]


Complexity Management Community

In this field of research, carried out together with the CUOA Business School and the partners listed below, the scientific and professional worlds exchange knowledge […]


THE STORIES to tell complexity in a simple way

The store managers at The North Face had no idea. And all the more reason, as the journey they undertook was that much more valuable. […]

What role did the HR function play in managing the pandemic?

During the lockdown months we had the pleasure of accompanying the De’Longhi HR team in the development of an initiative that involved all the people […]

core insight sensemaking

An approach to decision making consistent with corporate values

SapereCoop is a project coordinated by the Social Policies sector of the National Association of Consumer Cooperatives and aims to promote education for conscious consumption […]


The challenge of a cross-functional and intercontinental team

20 specialists, spread over 4 different countries, tackling a very difficult job. Accompanying this team towards the achievement of its goal was not an easy […]