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Everything that makes us who we are: values, methods, shared direction, from the research activity that originates from different theoretical roots to the concrete practice that takes place in our projects.

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Manifesto for transformation

On the road to …

… a new economy, in which companies take care of the ecosystems they operate in

… people. Not human resources. Collaborators. Not employees

… organisations that can recognise themselves as living organisms, in which every level is interconnected and where specialisation and overview coexist


… genuinely satisfied people in healthy working environments

… an organisational purpose that creates a shared sense of connectedness, which is essential for facing the complex challenges of our times

… the courage to experiment with emerging practices rather than established best practices


… companies that look at success in terms of positive impact on people, planet and ultimately profit


… the development of individual flexibility and responsibility


… distributed leadership to unleash all the energy in working communities

… a quality of dialogue that generates quality of solutions

… a transformation that keeps all that has been without denying it but integrating it with positive novelties that lead to evolution

… effective, gentle, agile transitions and processes

… difficulties interpreted as opportunities

… an artistic approach that can support organisations in developing a new perspective on themselves and their customers, activating deep motivations and radical innovations

… the centrality of people, so that they can constantly develop personally and professionally, as our name People Rise suggests

Our compass landmarks


We are committed to contributing to a better (working) world. We want the consequences of our actions to give a regenerative impulse, a positive force, and to mitigate the three deep fractures (spiritual, social, and environmental) that undermine the balance of our planet.



We observe with a dynamic gaze of wonder and openness the vitality and ceaseless evolution of the elements around us. We are curious and active in the process of research and learning, which cannot be separated from continuous experimentation and action in the field. While 60% of our time is spent working in organisations, the remaining 40% is spent constantly renewing ourselves so that our community and methodology always can make a difference.



What is born from the intersection of multiple backgrounds is always something new, surprising, more than a simple sum of the parts. It is the amazing reaction of different approaches, experiences, knowledge, relationships, and points of view that generate the new knowledge that we bring to our work. We are constantly open to new ideas and encounters that make our know-how unique and able to effectively support any business transformation.


This is fundamental evidence from social fields: the more people contribute to the development of an idea, the more they will fight to take it forward and the greater will be the collective intelligence activated. For us, this type of approach is a true social art, useful for authentic, effective, and engaging transformations, where we bring out what is needed to produce extraordinary results.



We bring attention and awareness to the invisible relationship between the outer and inner worlds. We create a bridge of meaning between the events that happen and what produces them. Turning the camera lens towards ourselves is something that very often does not come easily but brings incredible revelations about why things happen and how to work with them. Looking at structures and processes together with the culture in which they arise, and at our actions as an effect of our beliefs, allows us to have an integral view of the phenomena around us and a consequent ability to transform them in all their components.



To address organisational complexity, we focus on the importance of the contribution of people, both outside and inside organisations. We do this through a multi-stakeholder approach, including where possible the point of view of end customers. We involve the different actors representing a system in the process steps, in order to evolve it. People can thus draw on a broader vision in which to place themselves, their work, and their projects. Our multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach allows us to make the most of the interconnections in the system, to deal with complexity in an agile and flexible way.


Our approach is human-centred. We want to encourage the expression and development of the authentic potential of each person to bring creativity and innovation into the organisation: unlocking this energy is the guarantee of healthy and performing organisations. It is the union of head, heart and hands that makes us grow organically.



Workplaces are based on being first and foremost meeting places, where people spend most of their time. Being a community means recognising the value that work has in mutual development and in feeling part of something that unites people and makes them feel good. This is why we are constantly trying to develop a sense of community, and thus, generate that connection that produces satisfaction and performance and that is an element that is increasingly dear to end customers and potential future collaborators.



This is what we aspire to when caring for the places we live, the people and groups we work with, the relationships we form, and the ideas we generate. We carefully create safe spaces for our clients, aspiring to the absence of judgment, fear, and cynicism. It is the magic ingredient we strive for in order to overcome moments of crisis, personal and project blockages, and apparent incompatibilities and to give life to innovation that can have stable and lasting roots.


We tackle the complexity of an ever-changing market by playing the same game as it: experimenting with the “new”.
This is done by adopting a methodology that develops emerging and innovative practices.


The company is like a living organism: it has a purpose to strive for, customers to listen to and satisfy as best it can. It operates on a daily basis and, as a community of people, it finds in collaboration its ability to evolve and transform.



A multiple lens that allows us to observe and act in organisations in that complex and constant relationship that occurs between the inner and outer life of the individual and the collective.

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Our theoretical roots

The inspiration and alchemy between different approaches are what Peoplerise is based on.


integral vision

Ken Wilber
Frederic Laloux




Bernard Lievegoed
Adriaan Bekman




Peter Senge
Otto Scharmer




David J. Snowden
Alberto F. De Toni


Research projects

We intercept cutting-edge trends in leadership and social processes. We create connections and share experiences internationally through collaboration in applied research projects.


Would you like to contribute to one of the following research projects?

Write us!


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