DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Uniqueness, Wholeness & Equity


info & goals


This line of research is evolving into 2 types of activities:

1. Creation of a research group to stimulate conversations and reflections, also with people from outside Peoplerise, with the aim of deepening international consciousness and declining it in the Italian and European context.

2. Projects for clients on different aspects of DEI with an approach that starts from the individual (ego), moves within work teams (ethno), up to strategic and systemic initiatives (world).

These are some of the key elements at the centre of our research:

  1. Creating an inclusive and non-violent language to address DEI issues
  2. Increase intersectional awareness in creating a safe space
  3. Bringing out cultural lenses and social bubbles on which personal and corporate cultures are modelled
  4. Becoming aware of biases and the micro actions with which we can rebalance them
  5. Naming and exploring the relationship between decision-making models and power dynamics, the differences between a meritocratic approach and an approach based on creating equity in opportunities


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