For us, the 'whole' is more than the sum of its components.

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we are Peoplerisers

We are a collection of different personal and professional biographies, a group of human beings in search of shared common meaning in a complex world. We are process facilitators. We are creative and multidisciplinary, enthusiastic and unconventional, imperfect and vulnerable, gentle and courageous revolutionaries, constantly researching and acting. We seek to connect deeply with our clients’ needs and are constantly exploring useful ways to transform what exists because we believe there are always new ways to collaborate.

Alessandro Rossi

alessandro rossi peoplerise

I am a father of three, husband, son, brother, friend, (former) swimmer, Peopleriser! For me, being a Peopleriser is about meeting and helping others to co-exist at their fullest potential in their own habitat. The neighbour is as much an individual as an entire organisation.


I love the extraordinary, not taking things for granted, contributing to a world that evolves by constantly questioning itself and which, through the right questions, can bring ideality and reality closer together.


I use an unorthodox style to stimulate new thoughts, feelings, and actions oriented to a gentle revolution for a new economy at the real service of human beings, making a contribution to organisations in rethinking the meaning of success through profitable paths from all points of view.


#self-organising #co-creation #strategy #transformation #coaching

write me: alessandro.rossi@peoplerise.net

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“The human mind is a citizen of two worlds, a spiritual one and a pyhisical one” Bernard Lievegoed

alessandro rossi peoplerise cielo

Ilaria Buccioni

ilaria buccioni peoplerise

I am in love with life in general; mum of 2 beautiful challenging creatures with whom I learn and pass every day with. I love moving around and being outdoors, but I also enjoy films that resonate with me as pieces of first-hand experience.


I am a firm believer in bringing people and organisations together; I have tried to bring them together in every way, one supporting the other and vice versa. This has been helped by the integration of years of experience in internationally renowned companies and applied research in academia.


I am an expert in emotional intelligence, both in the development and measurement area, a coach, and a development consultant. I accompany public and private organisations in their transformation towards finding their best future, with paths that touch intrapersonal, interpersonal, and process levels of intervention.



#organisationaldevelopment #complexity #agilepeople #emotionalintelligence #conflictttransformation


write me: ilaria.buccioni@peoplerise.net

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ilaria buccioni peoplerise salmone

Ilaria Giacometti

ilaria giacometti peoplerise

I am a young woman who is creating her own path in the world. Step by step, learning by learning, mistake by mistake. I have studied Social and Occupational Psychology and graduated in Adult and Continuing Education.


I love to have deep conversations with people, walks in solitude, and the combination of green nature and a clear blue spring sky.


Professionally, I am passionate about observing the way people interact and build the social context in which they live, but above all, I am passionate about the transformation that comes from listening to each other. I strive every day to approach the world with an inclusive and welcoming gaze.


With my work, I aim to listen and try to provide a new point of view.



#de&i #communitiesofpractice #lifelonglearning

write me: ilaria.giacometti@peoplerise.net

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“In Cyclops and Lestrigoni, certainly not, nor in the angry Neptune you will run into,

if you do not carry them in, if your soul does not set them against you.” Itaca – C. Kavafis

ilaria giacometti peoplerise blu

Michele Campione

michele campione peoplerise

I am the husband of Fabia, a wonderful woman with whom I share many common passions, among which art and travel are a few.

I am (was) an amateur sportsman, and I strive to remain in shape. I am a nonstop reader of many genres. I am a Peopleriser!


I love to help people, groups, organisations through common reflection and action in order to guide them on a path in our ever-changing world.


I want to leave the canons behind and tackle complexity with more simple approaches and, above all, with the greatest strength: people. At the same time, I want to help the economy and organisations in my small way to be profitable and useful to mankind and the environment.



#strategy #transformation #leadership #organization #co-design

write me: michele.campione@peoplerise.net

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao Tzu

michele campione peoplerise foglia peoplerise

Antonio Di Stefano

Antonio Di Stefano

I feel like a young man of sixty-one years, I’m married to Adriana, and together we have given life to Carlotta Ester, who in turn has given us two splendid grandchildren: Alberto, born in 2003 in full Sturm und Drang, and Sirio, born in 2019, constantly wanting to be cuddled. We have a dachshund called Flika and two big cats: Zoe and Mr.Bean.

I have always been researching and experimenting in order to deepen, understand and get excited about the ability of us human beings to create beauty, even in the places where we work. I founded Peoplerise together with a group of friends in 2009 and Peoplerise is by far my most beautiful work and friendship project. I am a Peopleriser!

For over 40 years I have been accompanying organisations in their transformations. These are complex dynamics that fascinate me and fortunately always make me feel like a beginner: I can never travel on autopilot, but my head, heart, and hands must always be connected in the common space in which I find myself with others. It is a spectacle that I continue to watch with my jaw dropped, my eyes wide open, and the feeling of something special in my stomach.

I am convinced that the mechanistic metaphor with which we describe and act in organisations, and which I have used for most of my working life, does not express the essence of a company at all. Its biology and its spirituality make it a living being that must first be loved in all its fullness.


#strategy #collaboration #transformation #complexity #teal

write me: antonio.distefano@peoplerise.net

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“Don’t teach the children, but cultivate your own heart and mind, always stay close to them, trust in love the rest is nothing.” Giorgio Gaber

Antonio Di Stefano acqua

Giulia Sammartin

Giulia Sammartin

I am Giulia, and I am grateful with all my heart to be able to share this journey of continuous learning, life, with Giovanni and our beautiful kitten Elvis.


I love simple, true, deep, kind things. I love walking in the woods, rereading books when I get attached to characters, imagining the biographies of people who have used the vintage objects and clothes I own before me. Animals bring me joy, and so does flowers and plants, my great passions.

I couldn’t live without music and concerts have always been my stress reliever.


As an attentive and curious observer, I like to gaze in wonder at details that are rarely seen. Trying to grasp people’s unspoken words. I am fascinated by the different sides of human beings. I travel to discover people’s customs and visit places in the world which are unknown to me.


I want to bring listening and attention, care, and beauty into what I do. To make even the smallest things special. To be able to tell that there are different ways for people to work together, without judgement, prejudice, or fear.


#brandidentity #communication #marketing #beautifier #graphicdesign

write me: giulia.sammartin@peoplerise.net

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“There is no cure and no improvement of the world that does not begin with the individual himself.” C.G. Jung

Giulia Sammartin blu

Flavio Fabiani

flavio fabiani peoplerise

I am a man on a journey, who has experienced passions, joys, sorrows, and who has had the opportunity to meet other people along the way. When I meet a person, I always meet a part of myself as well, which fascinates me. And in the meeting of a person, I meet the potential of a relationship, which moves me. I understand myself in relationships, and for this, I love all the roles that life has to offer.


I love people! And people from cultures far away from my own allow me to experience wonderful encounters: all my senses are awakened to the fullest in order to understand those cultural aspects that cannot be taken for granted, as opposed to when meeting a fellow compatriot.


I wish for a world in which the inhabitants have the possibility to live with their full creative potential in relation to others.



#cultures #social #humans #co-creation #sensemaking

write me: flavio.fabiani@peoplerise.net

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“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” Rainer Maria Rilke

papaveri monet
flavio fabiani peoplerise salmone

Elena Crudo

Elena Crudo peoplerise

I’m Elena and I love slow films, empty spaces, and shared depths.

I love walking, dancing, and the scents of people, places, and nature.

I love the thousand forms in which I live: woman, companion, friend, sister, daughter, colleague, and countless others.


I have worked as a museologist in museums and cultural foundations, I come from an artistic background on which I have grafted insights and experiences of innovation, start-up, and organisational development.


I often find myself at the crossroads between different fields of knowledge and areas of research/action: dynamic, exciting places, rich in interconnections and complexity for the organisations I work with, where I can enter with fresh eyes, without preconceptions.


I have experienced that at these crossroads, real transformation can take place with great impact by cultivating the creation of individual meaning, shared values, concrete actions, clear system processes, and principles.


I would like to bring to the world an experience of work as an opportunity for personal fulfillment, group connection, and growth, at the service of the end customers, and I would like to do so with creativity, inclusiveness, and authenticity.



#DE&I #communitiesofpractice #leadership #complexity #mindset #coaching

write me: elena.crudo@peoplerise.net

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“Energies flow when we can be ourselves”

Hans Hartung, Panorama T1971-R30, elena crudo peoplerise
Elena Crudo peoplerise cielo

Paola Cucchi

Paola Cucchi peoplerise

I’m Paola, a woman who is grateful for what life has given her so far: my parents and my sister, my family with Matteo and our daughters Giulia and Anna, our dog Bruno and our cat Maggie. I am also a manager, a coach, but above all, a person who believes in the unique and irreplaceable contribution of each person.


I love dancing, music, and everything that has to do with rhythm… I like being outdoors and taking walks in nature; a generous source of beauty.


What drives me is the desire to recognize the value and to bring out the beauty of what there is. My task is to observe it, use it, combine it with new eyes to bring out its full potential, whether it is a person, an organisation, or a situation.

In doing so, I combine my rationality with a great dose of creativity to find new effective solutions to emerging problems.



#coaching #management #leadership #creatività

scrivimi: paola.cucchi@peoplerise.net

“What happens is for the best”

stanze sul mare hopper
Paola Cucchi peoplerise acqua

Marzia Visentin

Marzia Visentin

“be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

Marzia Visentin foglia peoplerise

Erika Tabloni

erika tabloni peoplerise

I am Erika, and I have been sharing my life with Paolo for 25 years. I am a mother of two teenagers. I am a friend who is present even when I am not around, similar to other aspects of my life. The common thread of my life is represented by books and travel: I love to discover, meet people and get to know places, real or imaginary.


I love exchanging positive energy with nature, with everything that is simple, true, and transparent. I am full of energy when I am helpful when I have learned something new and let go of something old that no longer serves me.


In the world, I want to bring transparency, the nurture to the beauty of beautiful relationships. To look at people and organisations through new eyes and new shared perspectives, which help people feel good and save time. I want to bring my desire to workplaces of being there and to contribute in a healthy and collaborative way.



#empathy #collaboration #error #individual&collectivity #feedback


write me: erika.tabloni@peoplerise.net


“I love to discover the diamond hidden in the rough stone “

van gogh
erika tabloni peoplerise salmone


We are looking for curious people, with an open and flexible mind, a desire for research and experimentation, and an aptitude for systemic thinking. People who know how to listen deeply, with a willingness to get involved in order to grow both individually and within our ecosystem. If you want to be part of a profound change, which contributes to the evolution of processes and behaviours on several levels, and if these words rhyme with your personal and professional purpose, send us your CV!

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Peoplerise Village is a Benefit Company, soon to be a B Corp, through which we want to support, not only financially, the entrepreneurial impulses of Peoplerisers and new founders who want to offer us innovative quality projects and who believe in a regenerative way of doing business. Sustainability, respect for the environment and recognition of the value of all players in the supply chain are our guidelines.


Yahm offers high-quality gourmet frozen pizza that becomes affordable through distribution in supermarkets at a “popular” price. The product stems from the idea that people should be nourished with care and attention. All of Yahm’s suppliers come from certified supply chains to ensure the quality and ethicality of the products and supply chain.





Viviferments aims to spread the culture of fermentation. It produces wellness concentrates: live drinks and foods, rich in good and nutritious bacteria that together with herbs, fruits and spices create a “naturally enhanced” food. Now available are highly probiotic water kefirs, for the well-being of the intestine, with unmistakable tastes and colours! Fermented vegetables and kombucha, fermented tea drinks, are coming soon.






For a better world.


We are committed to making Peoplerise a better place to work for the team, our clients, the community, and the planet. We support the international community of B Corps companies and B Lab, the nonprofit that created and evaluates B Corps, because there we have found people who think about business as we do and believe in a regenerative way of doing business.


We had to meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards to achieve B Corp certification, but it’s only the first step in our commitment. Sustainability, respect for the environment, transparency, and recognition of the value of all people are the beacons to which we continue to move.


Want to know more about B Corp? Here you will find the B Impact Report from Peoplerise:

Impact report 2019

Impact report 2021

Impact report 2022


As Peoplerise, we have supported several donation projects in recent years. Specifically:

  • Knowmads School & Foundation: to support affordable ‘human-centred education’ initiatives so that tomorrow’s managers and innovators build a world that leaves more room for man, in his fullness, with an important lens on the environment, regeneration, and ethics. For us, education means putting the student at the centre of a pathway that integrates the head, heart, and hands. A path where learning is personal, creative, emotional, and hands-on, as opposed to today’s mostly present approach where learning is standard, technical-theoretical, emotionless, and often unaffordable for participants of disadvantaged backgrounds and origins.
  • Panni Sporchi / Dirty Clothes (of the Human Family): an art exhibition by artist Franco Tagliente, to draw attention to some of the most dramatic critical issues affecting our civilisation, our planet, and future generations.
  • The “Adriano Olivetti” educational pathway in Human Sciences in Padua, inspired by Steinerian education, has launched educational programmes on emotional intelligence for high school students.
  • The “Ipermare” record project, part of the “Emotion for Change” initiative, has been developed by a collective of artists to raise awareness of caring for the environment through a beauty-based approach.