How will we live together?

The theme of this Biennale, “How Will We Live Together,” resonated so timely with what we have experienced in our personal and professional lives over […]

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Prosphera – sustainability and regenerative business development

Sustainability and regenerative development are not equivalent. Regenerative development represents the evolution of the more widespread concept of sustainability and not only, as it includes, […]

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Non-traditional leaders are needed in an unpredictable world!

Useful tips for organic leadership, inspired by a conversation with a client and reading the book Team of Teams. Today we would like to tell […]

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Peoplerise becomes a Benefit Corporation

Those who look into the mirror will change the world Peoplerise becomes a Benefit Corporation: an important milestone in the journey towards individual, organizational/economic, social […]

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Work as a piece of art

“All art has been contemporary” the installation by Maurizio Nannucci reminds us. Since always, especially since the end of the nineteenth century, art has felt […]

all art has been contemporary

A Black Box to get lost and found

In times of crisis, there are great difficulties, but also a lot of information. Once they have passed, however, we tend to set aside the […]


The blind spot of smart working

When we talk about smart working, the conversation often revolves around topics such as digitization, hardware and software support, and the various possible contractual forms. […]


When there is no smart, perhaps it is time for the wisdom

Over the past few months, smart working has emerged in Italy, first of all as a possible experience and, secondly, as a topic of debate […]


What world would you like to live in?

Do you ever close your eyes and imagine what kind of world you would like to live in? It happens to me too! I think […]

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