Bridging Dialogues: a bridge between researchers and business managers

Why Bridging Dialogues


Bridging Dialogues was born out of our passion for research and experimentation to evolve the companies of the future. It brought together international researchers to explore issues of organizational development.

It was more than just a conference for us: it was a collective experience that opened the door to new opportunities for growth and learning, made up of interactive moments and widespread dialogues.

What also made this event truly extraordinary was the wide variety of perspectives and disciplines involved. Because we had the privilege of hosting experts from fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, art, leadership, organizational transformation, and more.


A bridge between researchers and managers


Precious was the bridge created with the business managers in attendance through the sharing of their innovative findings, highlighting emerging trends, and even challenging conventional models, pushing us to think beyond the boundaries of our current understanding.

Here are the titles of the researchers’ talks on new trends in organizational development:


Here is the video of the event:



Bridging Dialogues: connections and exploration


Bridging Dialogues: where did the name of this event come from? From inspirations related to its host city, Venice. Just as Venice has been a symbol of connections and exploration for centuries, so this meeting aims to build bridges.

Bridges between:
– Present and Future
– Humanity and Technology
– Research and Management
– Researchers and Leaders
– Internationality and Territory
– Listening and Dialogue
– Mind and Body
– Emerging and Planned

In summary, it was an event made up of moments of listening, interactive and collaborative workshops, and attention to our cognitive part, but also to our emotions and physical sensations.

In this video we are, with speakers and guests, exploring the city.
Like cartographers, we have mapped not only Venice’s most beautiful “bacari“, but also its most significant bridges: Ponte degli Scalzi, Ponte delle Guglie, Ponte Chiodo, Rialto Bridge, etc.


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