Core Insight sensemaking



Peoplerise in its work alongside clients, continuously seeks to refine the understanding of the characteristics of the client’s organisational context in order to co-create the meaning of it in terms of transformative opportunities.

The aim of this line of research is to try to overcome existing problems in conventional data collection, to name but a few:


  • Likert-style surveys are too superficial and opinion-based;
  • Individual interviews provide rich data but are difficult to scale, expensive, and subject to possible bias in the ‘expert’ analysis of the data that are collected
  • Focus groups can be expensive and prone to priming, i.e., whoever speaks first tends to direct the group of respondents by conditioning data collection;
  • In surveys, interviews, and focus groups people are asked to generalise, to give their abstract opinion and the data collected is based on these abstractions.




Thanks to Core Insight technology, we are testing and refining an approach that better respects the ontological complexity of an organised system of human beings through the following principles:

  • Tales of individual experiences instead of opinions;
  • Invitation to reflection and interpretation of the experiences narrated in relation to key themes so that respondents interpret their experiences for themselves;
  • Identification of what is actually influencing behaviour in a given context;
  • Epistemological equity is ensured by the fact that the stories are collected and not ‘treated’ by experts and by the fact that the dashboard remains a consultation environment open to all respondents.


with whom


In this research project, our Norwegian partner is the Center for Transformation Leadership.


Core Insight sensemaking


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