Peoplerise presents “People R-evolution”

In a period of fear and distance, physical and psychological, a group of thinkers, managers and professionals felt the urgency to get together and do something to unlock and catalyze the value of the entire system. People R-Evolution was born, and we’re here today to tell you all about it.


Many organizations share vision and mission statements that are often elaborated in terms of economic, financial, competitive and existential outcomes. In recent years, however, we have observed how just a purpose is truly capable of attracting, energizing, guiding and amplifying the actions of employees and stakeholders in a sustainable way. The purpose is what the organization wants to instill and bring to the world, the difference it wants to make, the drive that inspires work and creates meaning.


Why are we here? What unites us all? What is the difference we want to make in the world? 


United by the idea of restarting with a strong purpose, over the past few months the group of thinkers has become a community. And this community is called People R-Evolution. An incredible wave of ideas, participatory meetings (like the one with Tom Graves), conversations and generation began to flow on the PeopleRev platform. In a nutshell, a collection of relationships, will and action. 


One of the first steps of People R-Evolution was to work on one’s purpose, that is, to define and endorse the reason for existence. Working on the purpose allows you to focus your attention, clarify the scope of your actions, align your initiatives, and build momentum for what you are trying to achieve together. And, in the case of People R-Evolution, also to have a lot of fun while doing so.


The purpose of People R-Evolution


To nurture awareness, passion and responsibility for the interdependent evolution of individuals, organizations, society and the environment.


This short sentence represents the purpose of People R-Evolution, and is the result of many different feelings, viewpoints, ideas, and questions. Our hope is that the message of it will resonate with a much broader group than those who participated firsthand in the process of its genesis.


  • Nurture: to highlight the kind, respectful, humble yet powerful care with which we would like to influence the social system as a whole.
  • Awareness: to aspire to a widespread level of knowledge and openness to new social and organizational constructs that are rapidly becoming available at a local and global level.
  • Passion: in terms of the inspiration, resonance and drive we wish to generate in the community members and the world.
  • Responsibility: in terms of strengthening a sense of belonging, responsibility and courage to act, not just reflect.
  • Interdependence: because none of us are isolated and all of us are interconnected, helping and influencing each other, at any given level of social aggregation, now more than ever.
  • Evolution: society, institutions and the environment never go simply linearly from A to B. Evolution is a complex, unpredictable, emergent and ever-changing path. We can embrace it and we can dance along it, but never control it.
  • Individuals, organizations, society, and the environment: to recognize both the different contexts and the common interconnected needs that we must always appreciate and consider. 


Decision Making with Dynamic Governance


As an experiment within the experiment, we got there through the use of Sociocracy (or Dynamic Governance): a powerful system, resulting from 150 years of ideas and practices, to empower organizations to share power and make decisions in a participatory way, both harmoniously and effectively.


All in all, in 2 meetings and 3 hours of work, we achieved the impossible, integrating different points of view in a shared direction, respecting individualities but cementing a common identity, moving beyond our personal preferences and reaching a workable agreement, i.e. good enough to try.


A palimpsest of gentle revolutionaries


Peoplerise is by nature very curious. That’s why we are always on the lookout for and studying the most avant-garde points of view and perspectives among professionals in the organizational field (and not only there!). As a partner of People R-Evolution, we decided to donate to the community some inspiring, in-depth spaces and dialogues with interesting personalities we have encountered in our many years of work in the world of organizations. We talked about complexity with Tom Graves, about intentional organization with Sergio Caredda and many other interesting topics related to the present moment.


Did you miss these meetings? Check out People Revolution’s youtube channel!

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See you at People R-Evolution!



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