People management: how to deal with the theme of Big Quit?

It’s not easy to identify a turning point of when exactly it will happen. Many of us are also wondering if what we are observing […]

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Bad leadership: you can’t not talk about it

I recently published a post on the topic of Big Quit and here are some new remarks of bad leadership emerging from an article at Senzafiltro. One […]

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Big Quit: great escape or great goodbye?

They call it the Big Quit, the Great Escape from work, and it’s a phenomenon that’s been both concerning and intriguing me, and I want […]

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Peoplerise joins the B Corp companies community

B Corp Companies (short for B Corporation) are those certified organizations that are committed to high defined standards such as transparency, accountability, and social and […]

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My research thesis in Peoplerise

From the first meeting to the start of the journey with Peoplerise there was a time period of about 2 years, but with several meetings […]

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How will we live together?

The theme of this Biennale, “How Will We Live Together,” resonated so timely with what we have experienced in our personal and professional lives over […]

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Prosphera – sustainability and regenerative business development

Sustainability and regenerative development are not equivalent. Regenerative development represents the evolution of the more widespread concept of sustainability and not only, as it includes, […]

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Non-traditional leaders are needed in an unpredictable world!

Useful tips for organic leadership, inspired by a conversation with a client and reading the book Team of Teams. Today we would like to tell […]

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Peoplerise becomes a Benefit Corporation

Those who look into the mirror will change the world Peoplerise becomes a Benefit Corporation: an important milestone in the journey towards individual, organizational/economic, social […]

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