Exploring the enterprise



This field of research explores the enterprise as an environment to be understood and influenced to facilitate the journey from data to insight: qualitative and quantitative research approaches, evaluation tools, participant observation, and the generation of a shared model of the enterprise to be redesigned are the main areas of research.


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We are carrying out this project with Intersection Group


Exploring the enterprise

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DEI: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Uniqueness, Wholeness & Equity This line of research is evolving into 2 types of activities: 1. Creation of a research group to stimulate conversations and […]


Biographical Presencing

In this strand of action-research, Peoplerise is seeking to facilitate the presencing phase (Theory U) through a deeply biographical approach, whereby exploring the biographical sequence […]


Complexity Management Community

In this field of research, carried out together with the CUOA Business School and the partners listed below, the scientific and professional worlds exchange knowledge […]

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