Alessandro Donadio

How to be enablers of a learning organization?

🚀 What does it mean to be an enabler in the organization in the first place?


A question that involves figures such as CEOs, HR, and others on the concept of enabling people in doing. Everything revolves around ‘creating space’.
Within these last two words, there is a world to be explored: different possibilities and ways to release the organization’s energy.


Why is the Learning Organisation still a hot topic after all these years and how is it evolving?


Because a social system that is goal-oriented only works when it learns.
And in a continuous and widespread way, we add.


📌 The guest on this live show with Peoplerisers Michele Campione and Antonio Di Stefano is Alessandro Donadio. Discover his biography:

“I am Alessandro and I am a labor philosopher, scholar of organizational phenomena, consultant, and university lecturer. In addition, I am an author for Franco Angeli and a populariser (logoslab.org).”


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