3 points for restarting

Exit only in case of proven necessity. All services stopped, except for those providing essential goods. 

To make our way in this unknown territory, to shelter us from the deafening sound of our fears, we have cut, reduced, and then taken away again. 

And what is left now looks at us, and sees us like never before, an honest and sincere mirror of our bruised knees and our deep eyes.


It’s an honest and sincere mirror, and it’s the same mirror through which we today find ourselves looking at our organization, it’s a return to the essentials that shows us strengths and weaknesses, resources we didn’t think we had and limitations we for a long time have pretended not to see.


A system that is no longer sustainable, a product that quickly becomes obsolete, a control I can’t maintain, a delegation I can’t give, dysfunctional but established processes, a communication that doesn’t lead to collaboration.


But also unexpected contributions, self-organizing teams, focused and effective online meetings, processes that become leaner and display their full value.


Organizational systems are now emerging with honesty, in the cleanliness of this historical moment, between the weight of old, inadequate practices and the unknown of a new one that is no longer what we imagined, but still can open up unexpected possibilities.


Our invitation is to look in the mirror without fear, to connect to the present moment, to have the courage to let go of what is asking to come to an end, and embrace the new that is emerging.

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash


We have done the same. And from here we want to restart:


  • People will always be essential


As Peoplerise, we couldn’t help but wonder what the deep meaning of our purpose was today, and in these words, we once again find a clear and powerful compass.


It is the people who are the essential pivot of organizations. And in people resides the spark of creativity that fuels our uniqueness every day.


Smart working, remote working, teams spread across the territory: digital technology also invites us to reflect and act consciously on how to value relationships today.


Never before has it been so important to promote value and connection, to optimize processes and, in our terms, to take care of the system, once again, with head, heart and hands.


  • A healthy system is a learning system


Our perception of stability and predictability of events has been severely challenged. We believe that organizations, like human beings, are fundamentally forms of movement and, as such, constantly evolving.


It is our profound responsibility to promote a movement that is not satisfied with “returning to normality”, but instead learns from the current situation and cultivates today the seeds of the future.


Courage and passion is needed to face a transformative journey with an open mind and heart, a journey that starts from our reflection in the mirror and recognizes in innovation a powerful form of nourishment and generation.


  • We approach a complex context


A complex system is characterized by a multitude of components and extreme variability and unpredictability. Our ability to exercise control in such a context seems to be failing. Perhaps the whole idea of being able to control can be given up.


For this reason, we have great faith in agile work, made up of self-organizing teams, where the circulation of information is crucial and decisions are rapid. To the predict&control paradigm we prefer one based on probe-sense-respond: we proceed by sprints and prototypes, and we promote a safe-fail design, which values error as a crucial source of learning.


Looking in the mirror takes courage. And the image shown is so breathtakingly challenging. We’re trying and can’t wait to see the new one emerge.


And you, from where do you want to start?


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