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Welcome to a world of people

Peoplerise can help you in having care of your organization.

What we do

Peoplerise is a catalyst, developer and facilitator of innovative transformation projects that involve people and organisations.
We create safe spaces and social processes where the improvement is driven through an exploratory and experimental dialogue, with deep people involvement. We always respect the Client’s business objectives.
For us, leadership is horizontal; innovation is emerging; change is a U process; process improvement is multi-stakeholder based; team building is capacity-building; engagement is performance.

Whether you’re an ENTREPRENEUR, an EXECUTIVE, a TEAM LEADER or an HR TEAM MEMBER; here is a sample of some of the amazing journeys we can go on together:

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Our values are...

...the foundation of all of our missions and what help us make our work excellent.

  • Love


  • Vision Thing

    Vision Thing

  • Design


  • Execution


  • Simplicity


  • Easy Tech

    Easy Tech

The team

We're always on the lookout for open-minded people who want to get excited about new challenges, research and experimentation. We want to write a new chapter on how people can contribute to results of an organisation and be the first to experience this new social model as a group.

Antonio Di Stefano
Marzia Visentin
Alessandro Rossi
Giulia Sammartin
Tiziano Capelli
Daniela Bottega
Flavio Fabiani
Alessandra Scala
Jake Esman
Valentina Catena
Barbara Donadon
Silvia Piccin
Edwin Stoop
Pieter Spinder