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Stefano Capponi

Marketing Manager

Maxi Zoo Italia S.p.a.

Peoplerise breaks rules and patterns! They first make sure you commit yourself to finding the right amount of time to tackle a project, to suspend judgments, to immerse yourself in it, to make the effort to live it. Then they manage to excite you and drive you to look at things with a different approach – with courage. This initially gives you a feeling of uncertainty, but ultimately it gives satisfaction to all involved. In the various workshops that I have been in, I always see my colleagues coming in with a lot of expectations and some doubt.  Then, after a day’s work, I see them exit extremely motivated and convinced they have made a real and important contribution.



Guido Menegatti

HR Specialist


With Peoplerise, we co-created a 7-month training cycle for 900 managers across Italy that achieved a level of involvement, attention and emotion that we’ve hardly seen in the past. We now find ourselves with a wealth of teachings, experiences and feelings that no one could have imagined beforehand, and that top management is now witnessing. Years ago, our focus was on people, but over time we lost that. Today we have returned to the people, because there is no leadership without people and all people can be a leader through small gestures. We believe that small gestures produce great results. Small gestures are directly related to a relationship. But not all relationships are equal and often you run the risk of confusing them.



Stefano Pagno

Responsabile settore mediotermine

UBI Sistemi e Servizi

Thanks to our friends at Peoplerise who are accompanying us on our change management journey, for supporting us to see things with new eyes ...



Davide Patruno

Head of Human Resources

Maxi Zoo Italia S.p.a.

"The life success of postmodern men and women depends on the speed with which they manage to get rid of old habits, rather than on the quick acquisition of new ones" - Zygmunt Bauman. What Bauman, theorist behind the liquid modernity concept, is saying seems simple. But in reality, it is extremely difficult. Peoplerise helped us to focus ourselves with the right perspective; making our past less cumbersome and the future a truly great opportunity to build together. Thank you.



Gianluca Bordin

HR manager

mG Minigears s.p.a.

People are a key asset in organizations and must be heard, involved and empowered in change processes. In Peoplerise, we are finding a partner that proposes agile and innovative tool to make us creators and not mere performers. The process we have started is definitely not easy. It requires a change in our mind-set and our pace in the medium term. Certainly, Peoplerise will help us in this sense.


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