Organizational Transformation: PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

How wonderful to be able to tell you about what we do in companies through the voice of the protagonists. We are therefore happy to share this video that describes the journey, through Theory U, of the people who work at EcorNaturaSì. In addition to the story, there is also a commentary by Silvia Piccin who, as a Peoplerise consultant, has experienced the great satisfaction of seeing this project blossom.

“The journey with EcorNaturaSì began already eight years ago. A feature that has always distinguished this collaboration is the deep desire of the company to explore and develop to the fullest the strength that people can bring to active projects in the organization.


During these years of journey we have passed together, we have developed several projects with EcorNaturasì and in each of these journeys Theory U has accompanied us as an approach to individual, team and organizational transformation. We have addressed many issues such as: the importance of customer focus, of dialogue, of having a shared common purpose. We have worked on the willingness to listen, to keep up with changes, to create new forms of collaboration among colleagues.

teoria U

The people have individually experienced a very intense path of individual and team growth, during which they have been able to let go of that desire for control, that exists within each one of us, and instead create a safe space where each member of the group can express their own voice and find confidence in themselves and in the group. This climate of trust and openness, and everyone’s willingness, made it possible to discover creative and innovative solutions to the strategic objectives that the company identified from time to time. In fact, change is generally frightening. But when it is welcomed with more awareness, one is able to see the opportunity it can bring.


Thanks to the undertaken journey throughout these years, the people at EcorNaturaSì have explored and gained greater awareness of the interconnections that exist between the single company functions; they have understood that they are part of an organic system; and they have experienced how their opinions and ideas can have a positive impact in supporting the company’s strategic decisions. The last outcome of this journey are the frameworks and principles that are helping the organization to maximize the perception of the Customer in the Store: a transformation path that sees the Customer – Store relationship as the core. Because generative relationships between people make the difference.


Over the past few years, we have experienced the beauty of hosting a fruitful maturing process that has taken EcorNaturaSì on a journey towards a more resourceful and widespread leadership.


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