Why is it no longer time just for efficiency?

If we only pursue efficiency, can we really be creative?


How can we avoid making a poorly successful product/service? That is, how can we avoid ‘zombie’ projects? These are some of the questions at the centre of the Let’s peoplerise with… Claudio Saurin dialogue.


But what does it really mean for companies to go beyond efficiency and integrate new processes that focus on effectiveness?

Learn more about the dance between:
🔹exploitation and exploration
🔹exploitation and exploration
🔹perfection and innovation
🔹 comfort zone and challenge to the unknown


📌 The guest on this second live show with Peoplerisers Antonio Di Stefano and Ilaria Buccioni was Claudio Saurin. Discover his biography:


“I am Claudio and for more than 20 years I have been a technical director in several manufacturing companies and, with my teams, we have developed agile mode more than 50 industrial products equipped with automation software. I set up an ‘Agile Mini-Factory’ with over 190 people.
Today, I support companies in the agile development of new products and the necessary organisational transformation.”

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