Davide Zanichelli

What is the impact of art on corporate well-being?

What connection is there between art and the well-being of people and organisations, as places where people work?


In this live broadcast of “Let’s Peoplerise with…Davide Zanichelli” we delve into the possible connections and relations between the world of art and the organisational world.


👉 How can art be useful to companies?

And what is the supporting scientific evidence?


👉 But what is meant by art?

Is it only related to artists and their exhibitions or is it something more widespread, also involving aspects in which the use of hands and body enables the activation of multiple forms of intelligence, so necessary in the complexity in which we live?




📌 The guest on this live show with Peoplerisers Flavio Fabiani and Elena Crudo was Davide Zanichelli.




Discover his biography:

“I am Davide and after graduating in Philosophy in Bologna, I founded in 1998 with five partners a company that is still active today in the field of communication and digitisation of business processes (ERP and Corporate Finance). At the same time, I taught Humanistic Informatics for ten years in the Philosophy course at the Arezzo campus of the University of Siena. For over fifteen years I worked as a consultant for some of Italy’s leading cultural institutions (Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, various public library and museum systems) and in 2016 I took on the presidency of the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani di Reggio Emilia, of which I am now Head of Management and Coordination. As a volunteer I chair the Association for Steinerian Pedagogy in Reggio Emilia, which runs a school with over 220 children and young people.”


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