The book translated into Italian and edited by Andrea Faré and Demetrio Labate.


“Today, I am in Milan to speak at the presentation of the Italian edition of Brian J. Robertson’s book, “Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World”, edited by his friends Andrea Farè and Demetrio Labate.


The meeting will be attended by Paul Walker from Zappos, over video link from the USA, Francesco Lomonaco from Radio Television Suisse, as well as Andrea and Demetrio for LeapFrog. The event will also be an opportunity to open a debate on the challenges and opportunities related to the adoption of these new organisational approaches.


All the surveys carried out in recent years aimed at understanding the level of engagement among employees reveal that about 15% of people are actively engaged, i.e. very connected to the company’s purpose, whilst 70% are not and about 15% are clearly opposed to it.


Other surveys show that new employees are interested in workplaces where they can genuinely participate, making the large companies that were once considered “safe bets” into something closer to stopgap employers.


These are the clues that point of the deep crisis in doing business of the last thirty years, and a new way is only emerging slowly and laboriously. People are looking for companies where they can find meaning, enrich themselves and co-create in a serious way. Whether this happens in a garage or a luxurious office is beside the point.


It is clear that this new trend, which highlights the company as an essence and a culture, as well as a structure, needs to identify new ways to accommodate all this life, without further remakes and attempts to force gears to turn as they jam up time and time again.


In this scenario, inspirations such as Teal, approaches such as Holacracy and bridges such as Agile are worth looking at carefully, because that is where the new life of the organisation will probably emerge. For us, therefore, participating in meetings like today’s means helping the new system to emerge, including through discussion and debate.”


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