Here it is. After months of weekends and nights at the computer, we are finally here. Agile People by Pia Maria Thoren, published by GueriniNext, is now available also in Italian. For us it represents a very important step. We translated and took care of it with the same curiosity and interest that Peoplerise has for this topic, which acquires new potential every day. 


At Peoplerise we are indeed looking very closely at the Agile approach because it resonates with our vision of a horizontal organization: a place where autonomy and accountability can be developed, to create companies that are better suited for today’s challenges. Agile is a shared language that people can adopt and make their own to generate more cohesive, communicative and collaborative teams, to lead managers out of their comfort zone, to support business decision-makers to become comfortable with a more fluid and flexible vision, and to motivate individuals to live more passionately in their work. But in particular, this new cultural approach has exponential possibilities if those in organizations who are responsible for following and fostering the individual development of people have the curiosity to assess and understand their potential. 

agile people italiano

Agile People by Pia Maria Thoren speaks directly to the people function, the most powerful and transversal change agent in organizations, proposing courageous roots for inspiration and a series of cases and new ways of becoming activists rather than managers, the sponsors of this transition towards more agile, and therefore more resilient, organizations. It is a simple book that poses a powerful question that encourages you to ask yourself: “which side do I want to be on?”.


This question is in fact becoming increasingly urgent and important in the lives of all people within organizations. And that is one of the reasons why, despite the fact that it greatly affects our agendas and nights, we continue to commit to translating books in which we see a generative potential, and which we feel will bring growth and transformation. Thanks to Andrea Provaglio for leading us on this path, to Joshua Volpara for his patience and to all the peoplerisers who have dedicated themselves to the project.


Good life Agile People and good transformation to you who decide to read it!


Link to purchase online on ibs.it: https://bit.ly/3bqEPRr

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