KNOWMADS, our new partner!

We went to Amsterdam to know them and we absolutely fell in love with their amazing and creative way of being changemakers… it was impossible for us not to start co-operating together!

“Knowmads Business School Amsterdam is a place where entrepreneurial behaviour starts with the person. Who are you, what is your dream, what do you want to bring into the world or what do you want to change. In your world or the world around you. From that starting point, together as a tribe, we decide what we need to learn. Based on the idea head (knowledge), heart (feeling) and hands (action) we get in workshops we need as a group and as individuals to work on our own projects or on assignments of companies. By doing so we work together, co-create together, and make use of what is there (in the different, international young professionals between 20 and 35 year old) and make our own program and planning. Everybody has a passion for something. What we try to find out what is their passion burning for, and we facilitate, empower and enable these young people to shine and make things happen.”


We are so glad about the unique collaboration between PeopleRise – People Management Consulting – and Knowmads Business School.

A collision of two worlds: the world of Action and the world of Education. Rooted in a co-creative and anthropocentric approach to complex systems.

We offer a new and revolutionary way of developing new skills and competencies to deal with the emerging future. We facilitate companies to identify their unique direction and to develop informed decisions through action.

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