the point of view of Myrna Hoed facilitator of the Amsterdam Business School

“I love being in situations where I see the possibility of a turning point. All those people who feel so convinced of their truths and try at all cost to hold on to them, but in reality, they are about to give up their resistance and discover something different – a different perspective. And I am very happy to facilitate these transitions and bring Knowmads students to the point where they abandon old ideas to open up to the new. Which requires creating a safe place where they feel the freedom to let go. It is a huge responsibility to maintain this space and to give people sufficient time to allow themselves to discover a different state and to wait until the new emerges. ”

These are the words of Myrna Hoed who has been a facilitator for over ten years. She recently joined the great family of Knowmads. She was a student coach in both the ‘Spring School’ and ‘Summer School’ programmes and from October 29 she will also be joining us at the ‘Autumn School’ in the Spanish Pyrenees.

“For me – she confides – it is always interesting to observe the process of development of people. To see how they change over the days. When students arrive they are well-educated, they want to be kind and respect the normal rules that guide us as human beings when they enter a group and they want to give their best. But then resistance and fatigue appear, and people become more authentic and direct. And the aspects that are truly important to deal with emerging and make the difference as to the direction you take. ”

Myrna compares this process of transformation to a dance that is never linear because everyone has their own rhythm. And when something unexpected happens during the journey, she likes to stay and work on it and use it as a starting point. In fact, to her, it is sometimes the things that happen by chance that represent the best gift you can receive, in terms of intuitions on how we relate to the changes in our lives or how we respond to unexpected situations. And this is exactly what Knowmads is: a place that gives people the opportunity to discover who they are and how they want to achieve success, in the sense of an enriching and fulfilling life.



And it is not just an opportunity for privileged people – she is keen to stress – we had a discussion about this during the last Summer School in Knowmads. The question was: if I follow my dreams and my heart, will I be able to support myself financially, pay the mortgage and everything else? The first point to answer is not to focus on the specific activity you have in mind, but on what that activity can provide for you. We must be able to identify all the values that are part of this idea for us. These are the benefits we want, and the project is just an expression of the quality we want in life. And when we look at all this with a fresh mind, without looking at how it should be and the form it should have, then we reach the next level of creation where, starting from the values we desire, we investigate the possibility of sustaining ourselves even economically. The perspective changes. It’s not about what people think will satisfy them, but about what people feel they need.

Knowmads awaits you for the next edition of his traveling trip, with Knowmads Autumnschool, at the end of October in Spain!

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