6 Capitals for Impact




I progetti di trasformazione aziendale portati avanti da Peoplerise hanno l’obiettivo di generare impatto attraverso la creazione di valore maggiore rispetto alla distruzione di esso. Sulla scorta dell’esperienza fatta negli ultimi anni dall’International Integrated Reporting Framework, questo filone di ricerca sperimenta la misurazione dell’impatto integrato che vada oltre il capite finanziario.

The business transformation projects carried out by Peoplerise aim to generate an impact through the creation of more value rather than the destruction of it.

Based on the experience gained in the recent years by International Integrated Reporting Framework, this line of research experiments with the measurement of the integrated impact that goes beyond financial capital.




This means that in order to avoid negative effects on important company dimensions, in addition to financial capital, 5 other capitals are measured, the fluctuation of which must be assessed along the way:


  • PHYSICAL CAPITAL: new products services or infrastructure
  • INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: new knowledge and information generated
  • HUMAN CAPITAL: new skills learned
  • SOCIAL CAPITAL: increased confidence in the system of which one is a part
  • NATURAL CAPITAL: regenerated natural resources


6 Capitals for Impact

with whom

As Peoplerise we are carrying out this research project with the collaboration of Prosphera and Knowledge.


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