Business managers: the advantages of using an artistic approach

Flavio Fabiani 


Miha Pogačnik accompanies us (musically) through a journey, and offered his inspiration around this central question.

How musicians act was the main topic brought by Miha at the Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam last week where Peoplerise hosted a U-Journey with the European Management Team of Electrolux Sales.

Miha Pogačnik
In order to achieve musical performances that deeply represent their personality, musicians do not follow linear processes during their concerts. This is what we call Music Interpretation, i.e. different performers’ interpretations of the same work can vary widely.

Can business managers use this artistic approach to mobilize human beings profoundly? Miha accompanies us (musically) through a journey, and offered his inspiration around this central question.

Miha Pogačnik

  1. The departure station was “business as usual” dominated by “command and control” management style, something deeply connected with our Past and in many cases to the Present too. This place is loaded with masculine energy, rational thinking and linear processes, here the music sounds always the same, and this “load” can only be uploaded and downloaded to other human beings without any transformation. In his drawing this area is on the top left side and is marked in black.
  2. We can spend an entire life in the first place, or we can move towards a more authentic place where a positive crisis is unfolding, a place where we need to go through the fire, which is indicated with a red cloud in the drawing.
  3. If we manage to internalize individually this going through the fire by personally letting go old behaviours and attitudes which are not in line with who we really are. then we can reach a magic point of awareness at the bottom of the U, the yellow dot with in a blue circle in the drawing.

From this place of profound emptiness since the old burden has been unloaded, we can start prototyping the new, we can let the future come. This is a place of intuitive thinking and feeling, a place where our will can grow stronger because the crisis has been overcome by interiorizing a personal learning, which came thanks to the crisis and which was integrated in our personal biography consciously.

When this happen we achieve what Miha called “Rembrandt Effect”, a fantastic status which happens when people are shining of self-generated light and you clearly see this direction of the light which is coming from within these people. When we reach this level in HR, which in this case does not stand for Human Resources but for Human Resonance, people will put the human factor at the core of their actions and will appoint a special place to the Human Being who give sense and sustenance to any business organizations, The Client! In the drawing Mika represented the client with a big yellow Sun on the top right side.

4+5. last 2 stages of the Musical Strategy Journey are : prototyping,where a small group in the corporation develops this Resonance status (Rembrandt Effect) and stimulates the last stage the integration i.e. the scaling of these new qualities across the entire corporation and later to the stakeholders chain.

Did you ever experience such a journey in Life or at work?


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