Here’s how Peoplerise has effected a transformation through the use of Theory U

It is so gratifying to be able to describe what we do at companies through the voices of those who have experienced the revolution. We are very pleased to share this video that talks about the journey through Theory U and about the people who work at EcorNaturaSì. There is also a commentary by Silvia Piccin, a consultant at Peoplerise, whose contribution conveys her sense of fulfilment for having witnessed the project’s advancement.

“The journey with EcorNaturaSì began eight years ago. One of the distinguishing traits of this collaboration, from the very start, is the company’s tremendous enthusiasm and eagerness to explore and develop all of the energy that people can bring to the projects being carried out in the organization.

Over the years, we have developed several projects in collaboration with EcorNaturaSì and Theory U was adopted for each and every journey as an approach to individual transformation as well as for the teams and the organization as a whole. We have engaged in many issues including the importance of involving customers, dialogue and sharing mutual goals. We have also worked on tuning in to others, staying in alignment with change and creating new types of joint efforts with colleagues.

teoria U

Each participant has experienced an intense growth process on both individual and team levels. During the process, they were successful in freeing themselves of that desire for control (which we all have) and creating a safe place in which every member of the group is able to express his or her personal opinion and develop self-confidence and trust in the group. This atmosphere of open-mindedness, along with the intentions of each participant, has made it possible to define creative and innovative solutions for the strategic goals that the company determines. Change usually intimidates us but when you face it with a higher awareness, you are able to perceive the opportunity that comes with it.

Over the years, the journey we have embarked upon has made it possible for the people at EcorNaturaSì to explore and acquire a higher awareness of the interconnections found among specific corporate functions. Participants have come to understand that they are a part of an organic system. They have learned to what extent their opinions and ideas have a positive impact on the establishment of the company’s strategic decisions. The final results of this journey are the framework and principles promoting the utmost in terms of the perception of the Customer at the Shop: the transformation process that views the Customer-Shop relationship as its kingpin. Because the relationships created between people is what makes the difference.

In the past eight years, we have experienced the joy of hosting a rewarding process of evolution that has brought EcorNaturaSì on the journey towards more enterprising and extensive leadership”.

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