Collaboration is daily practice for us, and we have built up a network of relationships and partnerships with companies which are similar and complementary to our own in order to help you accomplish every mission.


Knowmads Business School Amsterdam is a place where entrepreneurial behaviour starts with the person. Who are you, what is your dream, what do you want to bring into the world or what do you want to change. In your world or the world around you. From that starting point, together as a tribe, we decide what we need to learn. Based on the idea head (knowledge), heart (feeling) and hands (action) we get in workshops we need as a group and as individuals to work on our own projects or on assignments of companies. By doing so we work together, co-create together, and make use of what is there (in the different, international young professionals between 20 and 35 year old) and make our own program and planning. Everybody has a passion for something. What we try to find out what is their passion burning for, and we facilitate, empower and enable these young people to shine and make things happen


Marco Polo Consulting

We help Italian, Western and Chinese firms to make organization and human resources system management more effective.
Marco Polo Consulting is effectively a team of HR Business Partners that offers HR and management consulting services in China. We work "on site", assisted by local HR teams and together with the Client we develop HR and organizational development projects, consistently with the Chinese context and leveraging the diversity of cross-cultural teams. Directly or through alliances of "expertise" we can deliver an integrated system of services for Human Resources, covering different territories.


Sketching Maniacs

Home of visual believers - is a strong believer of the power of visual stories.
I invite clients to embark on a journey to discover and visualize their stories.

"Embrace the unknown!"


TAO talent and organization

TAO talent and organization is an independent Italian firm involved in the Executive Search and in the design, implementation and management of solutions for Talent and Organizational development.
Our mission is to be a trustful and supporting partner in their Human Capital development and valorization.
The passion and dedication, with which we support and guide our clients through their projects, are our distinctive recognized values. Our relationship with the candidate is based on fairness and transparency.



Valorando believes in excellence, and it structured itself as a "Temporary Management Team". We use customized strategies to offer an effective contribution as a team. We put experiences, methodologies and solutions to serve at the highest standards our SME Clients, operating with an holistic vision of the business issues. For us “results” is the name of the game, combined with a sustainable value for the Client.